Site Service Work

We are strong believers in preventative maintenance and routine checks to ensure the ongoing health of your water cooling system, not only to maintain effectiveness and protect your process from unnecessary downtime, but also to ensure that you comply with the requirements of HSE guidance and legislation.

The Health and Safety Executive’s guidance document HSG 274 provides practical advice on the prevention of Legionella bacteria growth within evaporative cooling systems. This bacteria is simple to prevent, provided that planned and recorded inspections and cleans are undertaken.

These are just two of the services we offer on Watermiser towers and those of other types and brands, all in accordance with the HSE Guidance and LCA (Legionella Control Association Code of Conduct).

Further services provided by Watermiser are detailed below:

Site Surveys and Tower Inspections

Repairs and Refurbishment

Cleans and Disinfections

Decommissioning and Disposal