Closed Circuit Packages

Our modular pre-assembled closed circuit cooling tower packages include (as a minimum):

  • Our Watermiser GRP Forced Draught evaporative cooling tower, complete with a lifetime guarantee on the GRP casing
  • A high-quality plate heat exchanger with either grade 304 or 316 stainless steel plates
  • The cooling tower to heat exchanger pump (selected to suit the duty requirement)
  • Interconnecting pipework, valving and gauges between the tower and heat exchanger manufactured in thin-wall 304 stainless steel
  • Bespoke designed and fabricated structural steel base-frame, hot-dipped galvanized post-manufacture

When would a closed circuit cooling tower package be the optimum solution for you?

There will be occasions where site or process applications make it necessary that the process cooling water loop is not contaminated by any airborne particulate. By inserting a plate-type heat exchanger, the process loop becomes closed circuit with a minimum water volume in the open evaporative loop served by the cooling tower, thereby making the system free from fouling.

What are the benefits?

This ‘Package’ approach allows us to tailor-design to suit the location on site, the process it serves, and any additional client needs such as, for instance, run/standby pumps, integrated control panel and the like. Additionally, the Watermiser closed circuit water cooling package allows for the following benefits when compared to a conventional closed circuit cooling tower with a galvanised serpentine coil product fitted:


Both the materials of construction in our closed circuit package and the stainless steel plates within the heat exchanger are resilient and non-corroding.

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Ease of Maintenance

Simply opening the plate pack makes access to view and remove the plates for inspection, cleaning or straightforward replacement.

Flexible Design

Heat exchanger and tower configurations may be designed to suit site-specific applications and site space restrictions.

Ease of Install

The modularised package makes for minimised site-installation, therefore less disruption for the client.