Adiabatic Coolers

An Adiabatic Water Cooler is an alternative to a traditional cooling tower in that it is a combination of a dry cooler with an adiabatic evaporative pre-cooling section.

Adiabatic cooling is achieved by reducing the air inlet temperature being drawn over and through the cooler coil block. This reduced oncoming air temperature is attained by creating a fine cold water mist in front of the coils. It may also be achieved by deluging the coil or pre-cooler pads with cold water.

This reduced oncoming air temperature allows the cooler to supply water temperatures as low as 25°C. In the UK, Adiabatic Coolers will operate as a conventional dry air blast cooler for around 90 to 95% of the year and a wetted-surface option (the pre-cooling section) can be used during the warmer 5 to 10% of the time as and when required.

Why might your business select an Adiabatic Water Cooler over another solution?

Adiabatic coolers are an alternative to cooling towers, where the application and desired recool water temperature allows. In addition, adiabatic coolers will vastly reduce the consumption of water treatment chemicals and the need for time-consuming cleaning, which is compulsory with evaporative cooling towers.

What are the benefits?


Significant water saving whilst operating as a dry cooler (which may be 90 to 95% of the time in the UK)

Cost Savings

Water treatment may not be required, subject to a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of the system, however, water treatment will not be required while the unit is in dry mode

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk of legionella and other bacteria as the cooler will operate in dry mode for 90 to 95% of the year

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance will be on the adiabatic system followed by the coil block fins to remove dust and localised debris

Additional Design Features / Options Available:

Inverter drive for variable speed fans or simple fan stage control

Fully automated control panels

Adiabatic control box fitted to the cooler with options of UV sterilisers, scale control and incoming water booster pump (see Pump Sets)

Pump sets can also be built onto our dry air cooler products to create a single packaged unit, reducing site-installation to a minimum

Protective fin coatings for longevity of fin life

Painted or stainless-steel unit casings