Ancillary and Optional Equipment

Pipework and Access Structures

Watermiser’s sister company Dustacco Engineering Ltd is a pipework and mechanical installations contractor with in-house welding and fabrication capabilities.

Watermiser works collaboratively with the Dusatacco Engineering design team in the design and manufacture of base-frames, ancillary and supplementary pipework and access structures as required, including:

  • Interconnecting pipework, valving and gauges between the tower and heat exchanger, manufactured in thin-wall 304 stainless steel
  • Bespoke designed and fabricated structural steel base-frame, hot-dipped galvanized post-manufacture
  • Safe and permanent access structure to carry out routine inspections, tower cleaning and maintenance work
  • Modular supplied and fitted galvanised steel access structure, tailor-designed to suit the tower and site location

Sidestream Filtration

Depending on the locale or the application, the process water would benefit from filtration to prevent build-up of debris within the tower and associated pipework and pack.

A hydrocyclone filtration unit is designed for sidestream filtration on cooling towers, evaporative condensers and open-circuit systems for removal of suspended solids and sludge. A sidestream flow is drawn from the cooling tower sump and cleaned continuously by the filter before being returned to the sump. Suspended solids which collect in the filter are purged to drain automatically using a timer-controlled auto-purge valve.

 Benefits of Sidestream Filtration

Ease of Maintenance

Sidestream filtration minimises excessive liquid loss or downtime - because there is no sand media or screen to flush clean or replace. Backwashing and schedule shutdowns are unnecessary.

Reduced Risk

There are a number of aspects of sidestream filtration which lower the risk of water contamination.

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Ease of Install

The compact modular system has minimal space requirements and is readily manhandled into position (no site assembly or lifting equipment).

Extra Deep Base Tanks

Watermiser can manufacture and supply extra deep base tanks for the GRP cooling tower range for site-specific applications. Depending on the water volume required for either pump start-up or system drain-back, a GRP base tank can be produced to suit. Our base tank design can also accommodate more specific items as our cooling towers are made to order, such as:

  • Remote water level indication
  • Additional base tank water connections
  • Site-specific positioning of base tank connections
  • Specialised flange standards
  • Variations on water make up device
  • Specialised immersion heaters with integral thermostat

Acoustic Attenuation Equipment

Noise control is an important consideration when selecting the right process water cooling solution. We can provide you with a variety of acoustic attenuation packages including silencers and panelling, either as part of a new equipment package or as a retrofit add-on.