Repairs and Refurbishment

Inspections and Minor Repairs

Although we offer a lifetime guarantee on the Watermiser GRP Tower casing, there will be requirements for replacement components and repairs from time to time.

Some minor repairs are often possible at the time of inspection given that our site services team arrive on-site with a kitted van together with stock materials and components to make remedial repairs immediately.  There are very few moving parts to a Watermiser Cooling Tower, therefore repairs tend to be limited.

Component Refurbishment and Replacement

In cases where equipment has been damaged or is in need of replacement, we can carry out a detailed survey so we may make the necessary arrangements to ensure a satisfactory repair is carried out once the replacement components have been procured.

Our scope of potential refurbishment work may include:

  • of cooling towers both counterflow and cross-flow
  • of ”hanging fill pack” with block pack in cross-flow towers
  • the fit of high efficiency drift eliminators for packaged and field erect towers
  • water distribution systems such as spray, pan and trough and weir in a variety of materials such as ABS, GRP or stainless steel
  • on each of the above, where practical, to achieve additional heat transfer within the same footprint area
  • fitting of access doors to ease access to the tower internals for inspection and maintenance
  • coating of steel towers
  • fitting of fan mechanicals such as motors, impellers or complete fansets
  • supply and install of site specific access structures including platforms, hand railing, access ladders or staircases if space permits