Dry Air Blast Coolers

Dry Air Blast Coolers are an alternative to Water Cooling Towers (when the application allows). They are of a closed circuit, sealed water design and provide the benefits of reduced maintenance costs on both the cooler and the equipment it serves.

Dry air blast cooling offers many advantages where the required water temperature allows (i.e within 3°C of the design dry bulb ambient) including:

  • No continuous water losses

  • No chemical addition for the control of the circulating water (except glycol, which protects the coil from frost damage)

  • No downtime for scheduled cleans which are mandatory for cooling towers (except glycol, which protects the coil from frost damage)

Our range of Dry Air Blast Water Coolers is designed for commercial and industrial fluid process cooling applications. We offer vertical or horizontal airflow in either flatbed or V and W arrangements, enabling us to provide the most cost-effective cooling solution.

What are the benefits?


Significant water saving against some other evaporative industrial cooling products

Cost Savings

Water treatment not required coupled with cost savings in reduced water use (above) and opportunity for ‘free-cooling’ (see below)

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk of legionella and other bacteria proliferation

Reduced Maintenance

Restricted to cleaning coil block fins to remove any dust and localised debris

Additional Design Features / Options Available:

Inverter drive for variable speed fans or simple fan stage control

Fully automated control panels

Adiabatic control box fitted to the cooler with options of UV sterilisers, scale control and incoming water booster pump (see below)

Local fan isolators

Protective fin coatings for longevity of fin life

Painted or stainless-steel unit casings

Pump sets can also be built onto our dry air cooler products to create a single packaged unit, reducing site-installation to a minimum

Free Cooling

Free Cooling is a simple and economic method of utilising low external air temperatures to assist in cooling water in refrigerated process water-cooling applications.

To capture the benefits of low ambient temperatures (during winter months for example), a Free Cooling cooler is installed in series with the chiller system’s evaporator, resulting in partial or, in some cases, 100% Free Cooling to be achievable. In making use of the low ambient temperature in this way, users of the system will see a considerable reduction in energy costs with the added benefit of reduced carbon footprint.