UPM Caledonian Paper, Irvine:
Phase 1


UPM Kymmene (UK) Ltd – Caledonian Paper


Cooling Tower Replacement - demolishment. Decommission, demolition and disposal

The Client

Part of the Finnish-owned UPM group, which employs 24,000 people across 14 countries, the UPM Kymmene Caledonian plant is the only UK producer of high-quality lightweight coated (glossy) paper in the UK. The Irvine plant opened in 1988 and employs some 300 personnel.

The Project

Watermiser’s scope involved the decommissioning and removal of an the significantly aged large, timber- construction cooling tower to make way for the brand new 6-cell Watermiser cooling tower.

The exiting tower construction was at height and required significant advance planning and works sequencing to ensure safety and minimised disruption to the operational site.

The Service

Watermiser were able to offer this complex demolition service through working in partnership with trusted and experienced demolition partners, Barrett Industrial Cooling.

Working together to deliver all aspects of this phase of the project, from agreeing and executing the plan from final isolation of the existing tower to safe and compliant demolition and disposal. This comprised the entire wooden structure, panelling, packing, motors, fans, inlet pipes, cabling, stainless steel basin and supporting steel RSJ’s.

Being an induced draught design much of the large plant (motors, fans, drive components, access gantry) was located on top of the tower, which was located approximately 7 metres from ground level and rose further by around 11 metres in height. The safe removal of the plant and equipment was further complicated by exceptionally challenging weather conditions.

Watermiser were contracted for Phases 1 (decommission and demolition) and Phase 2 (design and installation of the replacement tower) which allowed the client to benefit from end-to-end project management by Watermiser, from the final isolation of the old tower to the point of commissioning of the new towers.

The Result

The entire tower replacement project required to be undertaken within a tight production window. Watermiser and Barret carefully surveyed the aged towers to allow detailed plans to be made, including sequencing stages of the plant and equipment removal.

This resulted in smooth running of the decommission and removal to make way for Phase 2, Tower Replacement

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