UPM Caledonian Paper, Irvine:
Phase 2


UPM Kymmene (UK) Ltd – Caledonian Paper


Watermiser Model No.60 (6 CELL) GRP Forced Draught Cooling Tower complete with wiring, controls and access arrangements

The Client

Part of the Finnish-owned UPM group, which employs 24,000 people across 14 countries, the UPM Kymmene Caledonian plant is the only UK producer of high-quality lightweight coated (glossy) paper in the UK. The Irvine plant opened in 1988 and employs some 300 personnel.

The Project

Watermiser were commissioned to design, manufacture and install a 6-cell cooling tower complete with structural steelwork, pipework, supports, a two-level access platform and control panels. This system was to replace the existing and aged wooden cooling tower which had been in service since the opening of the plant (Phase 1 of the project) (link?)

The previous system operated with 3 fans and had 3 cooling water inlets. Watermiser were able to propose a 6-cell system configured to operate as 3 twin-cell units, in order to align with the hydraulic and electrical arrangement of the previous 3 cell tower.

The client’s timeline for Phase 1 (decommission and removal) and Phase 2 (replacement) was tightly bound, given production requirements.

The Service

The job involved the design and manufacture of 6 complete cooling towers, a substantial steel support structure, a bespoke two-level access platform and 3 control panels with drives for each tower fan within a demanding programme.

Our design intent was to prioritise ease of installation, with thorough planning of the installation sequence to minimise site works and assist programme. Prior to delivery, the site foundations (which were in the form of 40 concrete columns) were prepared and surveyed for minor level variations. This allowed minor adjustments to the base steel structure to be made before delivery. Each part of the structure was given a unique identifier and position to allow direct fitment at site.

Watermiser cooling towers are manufactured in-house and delivered as complete units. Unlike field erected or panelled towers this drastically reduces installation time and risk at the installation site with minimum disruption to our client’s operations. Due to their design Watermiser towers are ideally suited to modular installations of this type. A multi-cell arrangement allows for the required cooling duty to be met with a compact tower design.

By working in partnership with Dustacco, Watermiser were able to offer a complete package of works including support steelwork and access metalwork, all designed and manufactured in-house. Together, we successfully devised a suitable solution for the unique constraints at this site.

The Result

UPM benefitted from the ‘end-to-end’ service offered by Watermiser, which meant they avoided contracting several suppliers and instead dealing with only one for removal and replacement of their critical water cooling equipment.

In-house, Watermiser’s partnership with Dustacco allows us to design, manufacture and install bespoke structural steel, access arrangements and pipework design along with installation – this offering brought value to the UPM project.

By creating a 3D model of the entire system potential clashes or areas of difficult access were identified and resolved before starting manufacture of the system. The entire cooling system was manufactured and pre-assembled as far as practicable off-site prior to delivery, allowing all 6 tower cells to be delivered and unloaded into their final positions in less than one day. Similarly, the access steelwork was pre-assembled as far as practicable and was designed to mount on predetermined points on the main structural steel.

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