Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Casing

Our Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) tower casing offers many benefits over market alternatives. The main benefits are detailed below:

Non-Corroding, Stable and Strong

The cooling tower offered is manufactured in glass reinforced plastic (GRP), a material that has the advantage, over galvanised or even stainless steel, of being completely inert to attack by any type of sterilising chemical or water treatment regime.

The GRP casing is manufactured in a one or two piece moulding, impregnated by pigmented polyester resin with a gel-coat finish applied to both the internal and external surfaces.

Such is our faith in the GRP construction material that we offer Lifetime Guarantee on the GRP casing.


Compared to other materials, the production of GRP is exceptionally benign and sustainable. This is because the production of base resins and fibre matting have a much smaller impact than metals like steel.

In addition, due to GRP’s long lifetime expectancy, our products greatly outlive alternative materials. Less requirement to replace means less cost and impact to the environment.

Reduced Legionella Risk

The smoother the internal surfaces of the tower casing, the lower the risk of legionella taking hold to the surface or to any crevices. There are many design features of our GRP casing which are designed to hinder micro-biological growth including:

  • Smooth internal surfaces. Resin-rich internal surfaces.
  • Streamlined structure. An overall streamlined internal structure and appearance comparable to alternative galvanised or stainless-steel cooling towers – the structure of which include numerous panel flanges, fixings and sealants which can present small pockets in which bacteria could grow.
  • Full drainage. The casing incorporates a built-in graded base tank to ensure full drainage of the sump area when carrying out cleaning tasks in line with the prevailing HSE Guidance HSG274.

Additional Cooling Tower Casing Information

  • Each tower is supplied complete with all water connections.
  • The inlet and outlet connections are flanged in material to suit clients’ requirements.
  • Drain and overflow connections are screwed stainless steel and the mains water make-up connection is screwed brass.
  • The outlet connection incorporates a stainless-steel strainer / anti-cavitation device.
  • A large quick release GRP access door provides immediate and easy access into the base tank area.

All fixings used are stainless steel and all structural elements are manufactured from GRP or stainless steel for longevity.

The GRP tower casing is covered by a lifetime guarantee for structural integrity, the fan sets by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.