Distribution Systems

We are experts in the optimisation of water distribution systems across diverse processes and operating environments to ensure energy and cost efficiencies for every client. That being said, each distribution system we design and deliver boasts the following mutual features and benefits:


The distribution system comprises of a main header pipe with a series of spray tubes, incorporating non-clogging spray nozzles.

Ease of Maintenance

The spray tubes are screwed into the main header ensuring simple assembly and ease of removal for cleaning.

The spray nozzles are of non-clog hollow cone design, minimising cleaning through the cyclonic action of the water, with the hollow cone configuration allowing particles to pass that would block a solid cone design.

Pipework Options

The distribution pipework is manufactured in PVC, with options for polypropylene, C-PVC for high temperature applications or stainless steel. The spray nozzles are manufactured in ABS.